Monday, February 14, 2011

THe best Karacters

subzero is scorpion rival in the games, with his innate ability to freeze he is quite powerful and can be trouble with a new look in "unchained" he loses some "coooolnes" but he is still the second best in the game.

 The god of thunder is back and ready to save the puny humans from the evils of the netherrealm. Raiden has composed the mortal kombat franchise in a way that kan only be said that he is the ultimate mana fighter and uses his god like abilitys to Krush his foes.

Liu is the "Main" character of mortal kombat, Liu kangs arch rival is shao Tsung

LIu kang is the most infamous with his unique ability to shoot fireballs from his hand, Later in the other MKs more and more people have the power to shoot as many projectiles at other opponent. 

Jax in the first mortal kombat has a unique feature that grants him full cyborg arms that stretch out and punish his foes. IN the Movies he wasnt even in the first one, IN the next Mortal kombat :Annihilation he built his cyborg arms and made his mark on Mk as the only "Black guy" with awsome strength. HIs partner in kombat would most likely be sonya his police partner.

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  1. I have just bought armaegeddon for the wii and it is amazing , i play as my own charexter that is totally cool


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